Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

I have over 5 years of experience completing stress analyses with classical and finite element methods to analyze various structures and components.  I have a demonstrated ability to solve linear and non-linear stress and thermal problems.  Also have experience conducting nonlinear analyses, including contact problems and material stress/strain relationships.

Examples of FEA projects I have worked on include:

  1. Developed a three dimensional (3D) finite element analysis (FEA) model of the titanium thread-fibrous tissue interface of a lumbar interbody spinal fusion cage to analyze the effect of parametric implant design changes and in-vivo loading changes on resultant adjacent bone stress values to predict bone remodeling changes, using histologic implant retrieval studies at 1-2 years post-operative for model validation.
  2. Developed a 3D FEA model for stress analysis of the hip implant / bone interface as part of a multi-disciplinary research project for an orthopedic implant design program.
  3. Developed a nonlinear finite element contact model to simulate the relative motion between a hip implant and surrounding cancellous bone and conducted comparisons to experimental servo-hydraulic testing.
  4. Incorporated optimization and sensitivity studies in stress analysis projects for modifications and improvements to current production parts for external clients as a product evaluation engineer.

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