Mechanical Testing

Over 4 years of experience as a product evaluation engineer in a high-volume external mechanical test lab, utilizing MTS servo-hydraulic test equipment, controllers, and software (458, 407, FlexTest II CTM, T/RAC, cRPC, and RPC III) to predict and determine the mechanical performance of new materials and products, including ultimate strength, fatigue strength, and durability of components and structures.

Established a hip implant micromotion study using extensometers on a MTS testing system incorporating a custom test fixture simulating the hip.

Developed and executed MTS RPC III simulation protocols to support product research projects for motorcycle and off-road vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.

Wide range of experience using a multitude of sensor technologies including MEMS-based technologies incorporating rate gyros and accelerometers, strain gages, vibration and sound monitoring, pressure transducers, thermocouples, LVDTs, RVDTs, infrared thermal camera, strip chart recorders, oscilloscopes, function generators, and other applicable measurement devices and equipment.  Experienced in the use of PC-based LabVIEW and SoMat data acquisition equipment to control and monitor testing applications in the lab and in the field.

Responsible for designing test fixtures for a wide variety of laboratory and field testing applications for the automotive, aerospace, sports equipment, and medical device fields.



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