Engineering Skills

As both a product evaluation engineer and as owner of a consulting company, have worked with both large and small companies on advanced design and development problems under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for the automotive, aerospace, off-road, sports, and medical device industries.  Tasked with improving product and equipment designs as well as improving design and develpment processes through advanced design tools and methodologies.

With over 15 years of experiencing serving as both an engineering project director and program manager, have developed extensive responsibility from the proposal stage to the design, implementation, and management of diversified product design, development, and test programs as part of both internal strategic initiatives and external evaluation programs.

With over 10 years of experience as part of Advanced Research and Innovation teams, have extensive experience providing engineering support for a wide variety of innovation projects and collaborating with designers to bring new innovative performance enhancing products to market.  Tasked with the design, development, validation, and implementation of advanced technologies and processes.

As the leader of Product Player Matching strategic initiatives in the golf industry, demonstrated the ability to create well defined program plans and multi-year timelines for all related innovation programs including commercialization efforts.

Strong project management and leadership abilities that include assembling, leading, and developing agreement on cross-functional projects with multi-discipline teams, including both internal and external resources.

Responsible for identifying, evaluating, selecting, and managing external project engineering resources for Advanced Research and Innovation projects.



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