Welcome to my new website…but please be patient as I am currently transitioning from an older client based website to a new information based website.  This new website will be a WordPress based website where I can better share ideas and experiences pertaining to my specialization areas in biomechanical evaluation disciplines.  The old website was limited to general descriptions of work capabilities as I worked under strict non-disclosure agreements with clients.  This new website will provide much more detail into advanced technologies and techniques and how they can be applied to next level sports performance analysis applications and Virtual Product Development (VPD) programs for sports equipment and orthopedic devices.

Why the change?  For one, I want to share my professional experiences as I have been fortunate to have worked on some very advanced applied research projects in the sports performance, sports equipment, and orthopedic device markets.  Secondly, I would like to further advance some research studies in these same disciplines.  That involves demonstrating success in previous work projects to show how these same benefits can be obtained in these new applications.

Finally, I am hoping that my sharing of professional experiences will ultimately lead to new professional opportunities.  I feel my considerable experiences with advanced applied research programs provides a unique solution to the most difficult engineering challenges.  Impossible is nothing when the proper processes, technologies, and techniques are applied.

So please be patient as I transition to my new website.  I hope to have it completed soon so that I can start applying my experiences to the new challenges that are coming.  There will be some tabs that are under construction and are not formatted properly for final viewing.  This is an ongoing process that I hope to have completed soon.  Thank you for visiting and please contact me with any questions.

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